Carter Parts Terms of Purchase
  1. Carter parts are sold only to Carter owners.

  2. When ordering parts, a serial number and contact information is required; and we may request proof of ownership, as well.

  3. Please measure and order carefully. Once your order has been paid, we cannot make changes or give refunds or exchanges or accept returns.

  4. Parts will be shipped out of Canada. Therefore, BEFORE we charge anything to your card, Steel Guitars of Canada will email you a PROPOSED total (which will include FREIGHT charges).

  5. Canadian customers will also have any applicable taxes added to their order and this will be shown in the email sent to you (see #4).

  6. When purchasing any of these items, you freely enter an agreement to adhere to the above terms of purchase.

  7. Parts not listed on the online order form may be obtained by contacting Steel Guitars of Canada. Installation instructions can be found here.

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